Casinos offer a variety of gambling games like online bingo, roulette and Blackjack etc… All these games and plays are made available under one roof and a gambler will get to play all these at a place. Casinos act as one stop one shop. There are many beliefs and misconceptions surrounding these places and the games being played here. Let`s take a look at some of them and see how they differ from the truth and reality.

Gambling is a way of making extra income – many people misunderstand that a casino is capable of making them rich with the games displayed there. But the reality is people lose more than they earn.

With the desire to make more money they keep spending more ultimately losing more. Most of the gamblers tend to forget the fact that it is the casinos that make money out of the gambler and the other way round.

Victory or a loss is unpredictable especially in gambling. Even if a gambler makes money, he is unable to control his desire of doubling or tripling it and ends up spending that gain too in another round only to lose even that profit.

Slot machines at the ends give more money – many of the gamblers believe that the slot machines and other plays at the extreme ends of the casinos tend to give more pay-out than the other machines. This belief prevails more in the new gamblers who have just started trying their luck with gambling. The truth is this is false. There is nothing like a milking machine and all the machines are programmed to function the same way and none of them are specially coded to give more money than the others.

Another very similar myth is that the machines that have been let to rest for sometime are capable of giving bigger pay-outs. Gamblers believe that the machines that are let free to cool give immediate and more profits than the others. But in reality it is not so and all the machines work the same way whether they are cold or hot.

It is not just with gambling and the games played in casinos but even with the problem gamblers; there are many misconceptions about this too.

A regular gambler is a problem gambler – it is not necessary for a person to indulge in continuous gambling to be a problem gambler. Problem gambling is irrespective of the frequency of the activity. Even the ones who rarely visit the casino suffer from this. It is all in how they play and how much of involvement they have in the games that lead to this defect.

Problem gambling is mostly because of partners – it is believed that partners of problem gamblers urge them to gamble more. Gambling needs nobody`s push or pull and it is all the individual`s efforts and thought process that leads to this problem. And it is not like there is a gambler behind every problem gambler.

Help a suffering gambler – most of the gamblers become debtors. Gambling is a trap that makes a person to go to any extent even stealing. Many of them take loans from others just to satisfy their gambling needs and wants. This debt gets bigger and monstrous and at a point it becomes too much on the gambler. Many people say that these gamblers should be supported and given a helping hand. But the truth says nothing like this. A problem due to gambling is something that can be averted which most of the gamblers don’t do and hence helping them will end up in more problems and troubles for the helper.

Problem gambling is not with the rich – it is a common belief that problem gambling is not for the rich but only for the middle class people who cannot afford to spend more. But the truth is problem gambling can happen to anybody and it does not favor a particular class and affect another set of people. This is nothing to do with the money of the gambler but the defect in him to control his spending on gambling.

All the above listed myths and misconceptions about gambling have been proved wrong many times but many people still hold strong beliefs on these.